Protank 2 Coils – Understanding the Function and Using Them Correctly

Protank 2 coils are made to ensure that heat is produced with the utmost precision. With Protank, it is possible to always have heat that comes from the bottom, which allows for a much better experience.

As the coils warm up, the liquid will begin to warm as well. This is the most essential element to the Protank and one that can be customized to an extent.

Coil Functions

Coils are frequently replaced because they are put under immense heat at all times. While these parts are high quality, users will want to buy several coil packs so that if there is an issue, they can change their coils. As these coils heat, they will begin to heat the chamber so that it is possible to have a great taste at all times with warm air. When coils are not working right, they will begin to produce a burnt taste or they may even fail to heat the chamber adequately.

Protank 2 Coil Longevity

The longevity of the coils is completely dependent on the overall usage patterns of the user. If a person uses their atomizer often, it will cause quicker breakdown to occur. Ideally, these coils will have a lifespan of several weeks to a month before they need to be replaced. Besides cleaning, the only thing to boost the lifespan of this product is simply to use them less. Otherwise, a user will want to ensure that they adhere to a consistent replacement schedule. The proactive user will adhere to a 2 week replacement cycle so that their coils never stop them from using their atomizer.

Replacement Coils

A variety of replacement coils are sold to ensure that the coils are able to be easily replaced. These coils are all made by the manufacturer so that there will never be an issue of them fitting correctly. Coils also come with different voltages. If a person wants a different experience, various coils will be able to provide them with one.

Protank 2 coils can be cleaned and should be after usage. Allowing the coils to dry is essential before using them again. Cleaning will occur nightly if the ideal schedule is followed. This will be enough to keep the coils from producing any unnecessary tastes. Replacement packs are a necessity for an avid user as the coils will inevitably burn out and need to be replaced rather frequently.

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